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Twenty-Hour Training Program
Foreign Teachers

Faculty of Education, Rangsit Universit
+  Rational  :       According to the Teachers and Educational Personnel Council Act. B.E. 2546 (2003), all Non-Thai Teachers and Administrators who seek licensed professional must complete twenty hours of training Basic Thai language, Thai Culture, Thai Art, Thai Music and Professional Ethics. With the approval of The Secretarial Office of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand, the Faculty of Education, Rangsit University, will offer training every semester.
+ Objectives
  1. To provide knowledge about the Thai language, Thai culture, Thai art, Thai music and professional ethics to non-Thai teachers and administrators.
  2. To meet the qualifications of a certificate as a licensed professional for teaching and supervising in schools.
+  Programme of Training
The twenty-hour  training programme is as follows:
- Thai Society   4 hours
- Thai Language and Thai Culture  6 hours
- Thai Manners 2 hours
- Thai Art and Thai Music 2 hours
- Professional Ethics 6 hours
20 hours

+ Delivery modes  :   Lecture, self-study, role-play, discussion, and  
practice in both Thai and English languages
+ Certificate  :  Qualified trainees will receive a certificate from Teachers’ Council of Thailand
+ Cost of Programme  :   7,000  Baht
+ Date : If you want to traning please tell us in suddently by telephone shown below.

+ Contact Us  :   Faculty of Education
Tel:  0-2997-2222 ต่อ 1697
Fax:  0-2997-2222 ต่อ 1698

Aj. Songsri  Wanasen Tel. 084-9117363
Email :           

Pairin  Kanbhai Tel. 084-3213511
Email :,
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