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Master of Education in Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching (International Program) FACULTY

Suryadhep Teachers College and Rangsit English Language Institute (RELI)


Master of Education in Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching

M.Ed. (Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching)


36 Credits


2 year


270,200 Thai Baht (2 years degree) (The course fee is subject to change.)


IELTS 5.0 or equivalent or pass Rangsit University English Language Proficiency Test

  1. Teacher
  2. Teacher Educator
  3. Administrators
  4. Tutor
  5. Educator
Tuition Fees


August - December (1st Semester)

January - May (2nd Semester)

Curriculum Structure
Plan A Type A2 Coursework and Thesis
Foundation Courses (No Credit)
Core Courses 12 Credits
Elective Courses 12 Credits
Thesis 12 Credits
Total 36 Credits
Plan B Coursework and Independent Study
Foundation Courses (No Credit)
Core Courses 12 Credits
Elective Courses 18 Credits
Independent Study 6 Credits
Total 36 Credits

Foundation Course
ENG500 English for Graduate Studies
   Development of listening and reading skills to conceptualize the main parts of complex technical and non-technical texts, skills in presenting viewpoints giving arguments and counter arguments both orally and in writing.
Core Courses
BLE601 Foundation of Bilingual Education
   History and development of bilingual education, theoretical frameworks anchoring the various types of bilingual education, bilingualism and biliteracy, current trends in bilingual education.
BLE602 Foundation of English Language Studies
   Basic concepts of the English language in terms of pronunciation, syntactic sentences lexical meanings; variety of language uses as affected by social factors and communication.
BLE603 Methodology of Educational Research
   Current research practices—quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods as well as action research methodologies with a focus on second language instruction and bilingual education, research on language acquisition and teaching.
BLE604 Second Language Learning Theories
   Second language learning theories, first and second language acquisition, key concepts of learning theories, understanding of learner characteristics and diversity, social interaction, classroom practices in a professional context.
Elective Courses
BLE605 Testing and Assessment in Bilingual and English Language Teaching
   Concepts of testing and assessment with an emphasis on approaches relevant to bilingual and English language classrooms, a critical review of assessment methods, practices and related policy issues, authentic assessment.
BLE606 Curriculum Design and Teaching Methods for Bilingual and English Teachers
   Study of curriculum designs that promote learning outcomes relevant to 21st century learners, methods of teaching that focus on student-centred learning, training and hands-on experience of teaching in a bilingual and English classrooms, content and language integrated learning.
BLE607 Technology in Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching
   Study of the roles of information technology in bilingual and English language classrooms, concepts of blended learning, flipped learning and online courses, the use of the Internet and computer applications in teaching and learning languages, technology-based lesson design projects.
BLE608 Intercultural Communication
   Analysis of what language is and how it relates to the way people think and act; cases of intercultural communication, both linguistic and behavioural, which can lead to misunderstanding; difficulties in translation, how politeness and behavioural correctness differ across cultures, roles of language and culture in everyday life.
BLE609 Globalisation of English Language
   Key concepts and theories of global Englishes, World Englishes, English as a lingua franca, English as an international language, translanguaging, English language attitudes and English language education, native-speaker, non-native speakers, Englishes in English language teaching.
BLE610 Seminar in Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching
   Special issues in bilingual education including bilingual education and English language development, innovation in language learning, teacher development, different methods of measuring bilingualism and English language teaching as well as communicating in a diverse classroom.
BLE611 Culture and Community in Bilingual Education
   Relationships between schools, families and communities from various research perspectives roles of school and community in delivering culturally appropriate instruction and services to students from diverse backgrounds.
BLE612 Selected Topics in Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching
   Discussion of selected bilingual education and English language teaching topics related to students’ interests.
BLE613 Teaching Practicum in Bilingual and English Language Schools
   Teaching, planning and management of learning, observation of teaching and learning, designing lesson plans, constructing tests and assessment tools, learning results evaluation, reflection on teaching in teaching practicum in bilingual and English language schools.
BLE614 Interculturality in International Education
   Key concepts of interculturality, global citizenship, and international education, intercultural competence, acculturation, socialization, translanguaging, language and identity, multicultural identities.
BLE615 Advanced Research Methodology in Bilingual Education and English Language Teaching
   Study of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in bilingual education and English language teaching, quantitative research design, qualitative research design, statistics and data analysis, data analysis and interpretation, practice of using statistical packages, writing qualitative report.
BLE616 Teacher Education in the 21st Century
   Key concepts of development in L2 and English teacher education, reflection and teacher development in the era of globalization, approaches to L2 and English teacher education curriculum, language teaching profession.
BLE699 Thesis
   Research on the topics related to bilingual education and English language teaching, learning and teaching management, language acquisition, psychology in bilingual education, learner behaviours, measurement and evaluation in education under supervision of a thesis advisor.
BLE670 Independent Study
   Research studies in the areas of bilingual education and English language teaching, materials application and effective educational technology, learning and teaching in bilingual education and English language teaching.
BLE671 Comprehensive Examination
   Comprehensive exam, assessing overall knowledge, application, and synthesis in accordance with course structure. The grade assignment is S or U.