BA International Relations and Development

Greetings from the Dean of IDIS

IDIS has good news for new and prospective students – we have updated our international bachelor’s degree program, namely, BA in International Relations and Development (IRD). The program now focuses on international political and economic developments in Asia, in addition to international relations subjects in general.

In coordination with the Institute of Political Science and the Institute of Economics, IRD students now also have the opportunity to earn a second degree in either Political Science or Economics within one additional academic year. However, please be aware that IRD is taught in English, whereas Political Science and Economics are taught in Thai.

IDIS also offers a combined five-year BA and MA program. Students who choose this option will obtain a BA in IRD in three and a half years and a MA in Diplomacy and International Studies one and a half years later.

Please find more information below.

Degree Options

BA in International Relations and Development (3.5 to 4 years)

BA in International Relations and Development + second bachelor’s degree in Political Science or Economics* (4.5 years minimum)

BA in International Relations and Development + MA in Diplomacy and International Studies (5 years)

*Please note that the second bachelor’s degree options are taught in Thai


Applications to join our BA and MA programs can be made online via the Rangsit University International College website.

How to apply

Online application form

Tuition fees

Core courses

PEG 201 Academic Skills in Political Science and Economics

PEG 202 Basic Principles of Data Analysis in Political Science and Economics

PEG 203 The Use of Computers in Political Science and Economics

POL 102 Introduction to Political Philosophy

POL 202 Introduction to International Politics and Globalization

POL 206 Introduction to Comparative Politics and Government

ECO 211 Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 212 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 391 Development of Political Economic Thought

IRD 101 Introduction to Southeast Asian Political Economy and Culture

IRD 252 Evolution of World Politics

IRD 307 International Organizations and Cooperation

IRD 401 Research Methodology

PEG 401 Seminar on Contemporary Politics, Economy and Global Issues

IRD 497 Internship

IRD 498 Independent Study

IRD 499 Co-operative Education

Major courses

IRD 233 Public Policy Analysis

IRD 241 Thai Government and Politics

IRD 250 Political Economy of Asia

IRD 262 UN and Sustainable Development

IRD 263 Diplomacy and Negotiations

IRD 264 Global Governance and Development

IRD 318 China in the 21st Century

IRD 334 Foreign Policy Analysis

IRD 339 US Government and Politics

IRD 358 Powers in Asia Pacific

IRD 359 International Security

IRD 360 International Politics of Asia

Elective courses

IRD 235 International Development

IRD 240 Democratic Theory

IRD 258 Crime, Violence and Conflict in Development

IRD 261 International Experience in International Relations and Development

IRD 301 Globalization and International Economy

IRD 331 ASEAN Studies

IRD 333 Development and Human Rights

IRD 356 Comparative Public Policy

IRD 357 Regionalism in East Asia

IRD 361 Introduction to International Law

IRD 403 Current Issues in International Relations and Development

IRD 404 International Ethics and Global Justice