BA International Political Economy and Development

4-year Bachelor of Arts program where students can choose to major in either IRD or PPE

International Relations and Development (IRD)
The IRD major focuses on the theory and practice of international relations and development. Students taking this pathway will gain a comprehensive understanding of international politics, the foreign policies of major powers, security threats, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, international trade, development economics, and human rights.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
The PPE major focuses on three complementary fields of study: philosophy, politics and economics. Students taking this pathway will gain a comprehensive understanding of western and eastern philosophy, ethics, systems of government, public policy, political thought, political economy, economic theory, and international trade theory and policy.

IPED core courses include (for example)
IPE231 Introduction to Politics
IPE232 International Relations
IPE235 International Development
IPE252 World History

IRD major courses include (for example)
IPE238 International Politics
IPE333 Development and Human Rights
IPE334 Foreign Policy Analysis
IPE335 International Peace and Security

PPE major courses include (for example)
IPE241 Thai Government and Politics
IPE253 Elements of Philosophy I
IPE254 Elements of Philosophy II
IPE307 International Trade Theories and Policies