MA Diplomacy and International Studies

2-year Master of Arts program

The program is open to students with or without prior knowledge of politics and international studies who wish to increase their understanding of globalization and current events in international affairs.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of diplomacy and international relations, and also have the option to write a thesis in their chosen area of research.


Applications to join our BA and MA programs can be made online via the Rangsit University International College website.

How to apply

Online application form

Tuition fees

Study Plans

Study Plan A

8 core courses

IDS 699 Thesis

Study Plan B

8 core courses

2 elective courses

IDS 697 Comprehensive Examination

IDS 698 Independent Study

Core courses

IDS 602 Foreign Policy Analysis

IDS 603 International Politics and Security

IDS 605 International Economics and International Business

IDS 607 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

IDS 608 Political Economy of Asia

IDS 611 Asia Diplomacy

IDS 612 International Organizations and Human Rights

IDS 661 Research Methodology

Elective courses (examples)

IDS 613 ASEAN in World Politics

IDS 614 Seminar on Foreign Policy and Global Issues

IDS 616 Global Justice

IDS 617 Great Powers and Politics in Asia